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MVP Plan


No Insurance?   Insurance deductible too high?  Need to see a provider but can’t afford your co-pay?


Enroll in the Oasis Healthcare MVP Plan


Look at all these benefits:

The MVP plan covers the following:

  • $100 per month - individual
  • Family Plan:
    • First 2 family members - $100 per month each
    • Each additional family member $80 per month for each family member
    • Limit of 5 family members
  • $15 co-pay per visit for in person visits.
  • One free telehealth visit per month. Subsequent visits $15 co-pay per visit.
  • Telehealth visits are during business hours only.
  • $15 co-pay per visit for weight loss plan.
  • Provides unlimited sick or wellness visits
  • Specialty services (i.e. women’s health, STI testing, DOT)
    • After 6 months of payments, patient pays $15 co-pay
    • Prior to 6 months of payments, patient pays $15 co-pay and $50 lab fee (STI and women)
    • Prior to 6 months of payments, DOT is half price
  • Does not include the following (these will be billed at 50% of current rate):
    • Sutering
    • I & D
    • IUD
    • Nexplanon
    • Tdap
    • IV Hydration
    • Cosmetic Surgery Clearance
    • Complex wound treatment

  • Limit 1 STI, 1 women’s health, and 1 DOT exam visit per year
  • Follow up DOT appointments $35
  • One free rapid Covid test per month. Additional tests per month is at regular price
  • PCR test is regular price.
  • One free IV hydration, adults 18 and older, after 12 months on the plan.
  • IV iron
    • $15 co-pay for office visit
    • Patient receives 2 vials per month at $25 per vial. (Patient may meet requirements for free iron treatment from manufacturer.)
  • Medication is billed at regular prices.
  • Patient may cancel at any time. No refund is given for that month’s fee. 
  • Valid at any Oasis Healthcare location.
  • Does not include any other services not listed in this document. Services not listed in this document will be provided at regular prices.
  • Labs and other services are provided at the discretion of the provider
  • Oasis Healthcare reserves the right to terminate services at any time
  • No Call No Show fees are waived for all MVP members
  • MVP members may reschedule appointments at any time pending availability without additional fee


Still not sure? 

Try a 30-day trial period.  You pay $15 co-pay for each visit and the cost of any labs.


Contact us today for more information or to sign up.

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