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A Supportive Hug



At Oasis Healthcare we believe in providing complete care that integrates mental health into our primary care practice. We employ a holistic approach to wellness to include mind and body to ensure the best you possible.


Our board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner works with individuals to help

achieve their mental health goals. From diagnosis and assessment, medication management, and therapy, we have the resources to develop a treatment plan that is unique to everyone.


At Oasis Healthcare, we employ evidence-based treatment plans to address anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues for adults 18 years and older.



Think you may have symptoms of depression, take this survey PHQ-9 or anxiety GAD-7. Then have wording such as if you score a 5 or more on either of these questionnaires, you may benefit from an assessment by our nurse practitioner.




"Experience was great. Answered all my questions and explained the next steps. Clean and very professional environment.”

Ikhlass A.

“Troy Taylor saw me on this visit. He was polite, answered all my concerns, and he made sure that what I need in the near future is planned for.”

Janeete J.

"The three visits I've had were comfortable, clean, and family-friendly. Everyone is so nice and personable."

Tomika T.

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Do you suffer from “White Coat Syndrome” or “White Coat Hypertension”?

We offer complimentary Oculus Virtual Reality to bring you peace and tranquility while you wait.

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