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HIV Prevention

Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. -  - Primary Care Center

Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc.

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Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV is available at Oasis Healthcare.  It reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex when taken as prescribed.

 PrEP may be right for you if you test negative for HIV, and any of the following apply to you:

You have had anal or vaginal sex in the past 6 months and you:

  • have a sexual partner with HIV (especially if the partner has an unknown or detectable viral load),
  • have not consistently used a condom, or
  • have been diagnosed with an STD in the past 6 months.

You inject drugs and you:

  • have an injection partner with HIV, or
  • share needles, syringes, or other equipment to inject drugs (for example, cookers)

You have been prescribed PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) and you:

  • report continued risk behavior, or
  • have used multiple courses of PEP.