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Kids Playing Volleyball


Sports Physicals Q & A

You can rely on Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc., in Covington and Conyers, Georgia, if your child needs a sports physical to participate in school sports. Call the nearest office to schedule a physical or book an appointment online today.

If your child needs a sports physical, call the Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. office or book an appointment online today.



What happens during my physicals?

When you arrive at Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc., for a physical, friendly staff members often complete the following:


"Experience was great. Answered all my questions and explained the next steps. Clean and very professional environment.”

Ikhlass A.

“Troy Taylor saw me on this visit. He was polite, answered all my concerns, and he made sure that what I need in the near future is planned for.”

Janeete J.

"The three visits I've had were comfortable, clean, and family-friendly. Everyone is so nice and personable."

Tomika T.

Schedule an in-person appointment or a telehealth visit.

For affordable and considerate healthcare when you need it most, schedule an appointment with Oasis Healthcare Service today!

Doctor's Appointment

Call Oasis Healthcare Service office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.



Do you suffer from “White Coat Syndrome” or “White Coat Hypertension”?

We offer complimentary Oculus Virtual Reality to bring you peace and tranquility while you wait.

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